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Thank You! #Primalcanine

Pack Members, Thank you all for making 2013 such an amazing break out year for Primal Canine. We definitely could not of done all that we have without you. We are extremely motivated for the upcoming year as we have a lot of new and exciting things happening immediately (stay tuned for more info). I […]

Primal Canine Class Photos From 10/05

Thanks to our very own pack members Toro, Haw & Gina for these great pics from this past weekends class and pack walk.   

10 DIY Ways To Spoil Your Dog

We came across this article on and thought we’d share it with you, let us know what you think comment below! 1. “Dog Collar” Via 2. Knitted Doggy Tutu Via 3. Doggy Kimono Via 4. Ombré Dog Leash Via 5. Suitcase Dog Bed Via 6. Tennis Ball Toy Via Use an old shirt to make this little octopus toy. As a […]

GoPro Video: Quick Tour of Our Agility Course by Bear [Bonus Video]

This is just a quick video of part of our agility course at Primal Canine, we switch things around and add new obstacles on a monthly basis. Thanks for watch, Enjoy.

Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack – Video

The introduction of a new dog to a home with existing dogs can be a bit tricky and should be taken very seriously. When introducing a new dog to your current pack there are a few things to take into consideration.. 1. Are you your current dog(s) pack leader? – A dog without a strong […]


Starting April 25th we will be adding another class at 6:15pm, This class will feature basic – intermediate obedience and agility. As usual new clients must complete at least 1 private and 1 basic group class (Saturday @1:30.) before joining this class. Interested in joining the Primal Canine Pack? Give us a call today to […]

Primal Canine Trainers

Here’s a quick list  and photos of our trainers. More information and trainers to be added soon! Mike Jones – Head Trainer Arash Dibazar – Trainer & Dog Psychology & Communication Expert