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DIY Pupsicles

via Lucky Pups Ingredients: 2 cups low salt beef or chicken broth 2/3 cup water 2 or 3 ice cube trays Small rawhide sticks Directions: Mix water with beef or chicken broth and pour into popcicle trays. Place in freezer and serve cold. Add a rawhide stick halfway through the freezing. This recipe is quick, easy, […]

Dogs And Tennis Balls: A Love Story

via BuzzFeed Dogs may be a man’s best friend. But a dog’s best friend is NOT the hand that feeds it or cleans up its poop — it’s an unassuming, inanimate yellow ball. Have you ever seen anything more pure than a dog’s unimpeachable and unconditional love for a tennis ball? Have you […]

Raw Dinner Dog Recipe

via Primal Canine   There are a lot of benefits to feeding your dogs a raw food diet. One of my 3 dogs had really bad skin, and after numerous vet visits we finally came to the conclusion that it was allergies to his food that was irritating his skin. Read more about raw diets […]

Your Guide To Adopting A Shelter Dog [Infographic]

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Caring For Your Pets In Hot Weather [Infographic]

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Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy #Infographic

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How to choose the best bowl for your dog’s breed #primalcanine #dogtips