HAZEL The Hound Mix

For the past few weeks i have had the pleasure of working with a rescue named Hazel and her mom Kirsten. In our first meeting we recognized Hazels unique calmness as if she had no worries in the world haha. After establishing some commands Heel, sit, etc and running Hazel through agility we later noticed her insecurities and fears. Once we noticed what Hazel was afraid of we fine tuned her training from gaining basic obedience to overcoming her fears and becoming comfortable with these objects while still listening to her basic commands.

After a few private lessons I am extremely happy to see all the progress Hazel has made both with her obedience and more importantly her self-esteem. She has gone from a shy little girl to a full-blown sassy teenaged pup in a matter of weeks and I cant wait to see what advancements she makes as we continue to train.



Head Trainer

-Mike Jones

Here are some photos of Hazels training process –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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