Adoptable Dog: God/Azul is now available

Last Friday i was introduced to one of the biggest babies I’ve ever seen, his name is Azul but we’ve been calling him God because of his size. He’s an extremely cuddly and playful dog he gets along with everyone and shows no signs of dog aggression. We are training him and then placing him in a forever home with in the next couple weeks, If you are in the SF Bay Area and are interested in this big baby please email us at

His info-

  • Name: Azul/God
  • Age: 2yrs
  • Breed: Pit Bull
  • Size: about 120lbs maybe a bit less
  • Temperament: playful and loves attention, gets along good with all types or people and dogs, he just doesn’t know he’s a big boy.

He does come with some stipulations-

Cost of adoption is $475  – He comes with a 4×4 training package (4 privates x 4 groups)

  1.  Adopter must continue training him
  2.  Monthly check-ins (just a call so we know he is doing well)

Here are some pics of him working on his obedience and heel, we will release a video of his progress soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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