Socialization With Manners

YES it is important that your dog is social with others BUT! There’s a difference between letting you dogs run wild at a dog park (where a dog fight is very possible) and letting them play with manners. See when dogs play it really is them training for fighting, it only takes one little nibble in the wrong place and boom there you have it a dog fight. I’m not saying don’t let your dogs play or have fun, let them play but establish guidelines as you would with your kids and most important of all make sure they’re playing with dogs that have the same manners (dogs will pick up bad habits from untrained dogs).

Another point that a lot of trainers and owners get confused on or are just plain stubborn is making their dogs play with ALL dogs. Think of it this way – You don’t like everyone in fact there are certain people who just by looking at them you immediately don’t like them, Dogs are the same way, so why should we place them in a situation where we’re setting them up for failure?.

Socialization is a broad subject with a lot of different techniques and thoughts, I just wanted to give you a brief look into our social theory, for more information please email or if you’re in Northern Ca, give us a call today to set up your free evaluation – 408.915.6173

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