Facing Fears

Every dog and every owner out there has some type of fear, it could be an object, noise, etc. The way we as people get over these fears is by confronting them head on and after seeing that you are fine after confronting it, the fear becomes weaker and weaker until it is no longer a fear at all. Well the same goes for our dogs, their fears may be a bit different from ours but the solution is the same.

(using a fear of the dark as an example)

I don’t suggest leaving your dog in a dark room by them self and closing the door i (this would in fact make the problem worst), like we may do as humans. What i do suggest is helping them conquer their fears by taking them for walks in the dark (like i did with my rescue Marilyn who was terrified of the dark) and reassuring them they are ok and you are there to help them and you will not let anything happen. That not only helps them see that there is no harm of walking in the dark but it strengthens the primal bond we as dog owners have with our dogs. They now know you the pack leader will lead them and guide them through any obstacle.

A goal of ours is to make your dog’s life fulfilled and make the bond between owner and dog stronger than ever, this is why we incorporate noise distractions and agility equipment in all of our training sessions.

Please consult with a trainer before trying to resolve your dogs fears, it is a crucial part of dog training and without knowing the untrained owner could make the problem worst – If you have any questions please email us at info@primalcanine.com and give us a call to set up your FREE evaluation.

Here are some pics of some of our pups conquering their fears with agility.

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