Pit Bulls: The Infographic

We found this infographic pretty interesting, We work with people to help them understand the breed and see that they are just like every other dog they just happen to have a bad rep because of un-responsible owners. Remember its never the breed its the one holding the leash that has the problems, If you have a  dog it is your responsibility to get in touch with a good dog trainer and get them set up right no matter if its a Pit Bull or Toy Pomeranian haha.

pit bull infographic primal canine dog training



  1. I love pitties! I’ve known several, and they are such sweeties! Never has one even looked at me with anything other than adoration.

    1. Very misunderstood breed, the world needs more people like yourself who realize their just another dog with tons of love to give.

  2. An unexpected surprise came into my life about three years ago in the form of a young pit. I will admit I knew little about the breed other than the *bad stuff.* Since then, I cannot imagine life without this dog. I am enjoying your site a great deal and Jack Henry and I thank you for taking the time to visit Little Dogs Laughed-

    1. Thats great!! thanks for visiting our site as well, the world needs more people like you and Jack Henry that understand its not the breed its the one with the leash. Feel free to comment or email us directly is you have any questions on training, fitness or any other dog questions.

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